Support & Hosting

These features are available, regardless of features selected

Annual Support & Updates

Just as your business evolves, Cognition evolves with you. Updates and new features are added frequently. Take advantage of the features that work for your company; forget the rest (requires annual contract).

Return on Investment (ROI)

We have worked with many companies to prove Cognition's Return on Investment. Our team takes a few easy statistics from you to determine your company's unique ROI to help you sell Cognition internally.

Annual Website/Database Hosting

Are you having a hard time getting into your IT Department's production queue? Reflection Software offers a variety of hosting options, including:

  • Regular maintenance on all servers
  • Regular hardware upgrades
  • SAS 70 Level II compliance

Leasing Options

Cognition can be purchased or leased, depending on which solution works best for your company.