Optional Features

In addition to the base system, other available features include:

Compliance Modules

Compliance Learning Modules are designed to streamline corporate compliance communication. Cognition allows you to link to, track, and report on all compliance communications and policies required of your employees. Compliance Modules utilize Cognition's built-in Digital Signature feature. By inputting their Digital Signature, Students confirm that they have read, and agree to adhere to the information contained within the listed policies.

Cognition Test Builder

Create, manage and deploy Tests within Cognition, which can be attached to any Module type, such as an eLearning or Video Module, and can be a requirement for completion of that Module. Tests are also a unique Module type, allowing you to create a standalone Test.

Use a test as a preassessment to establish baseline knowledge before content delivery. Then, compare the preassessment results with post-test results to determine the knowledge gain achieved by your content.

HRIS/Payroll Integration

Accommodates feed data from your various systems, keeping all of your systems synchronized, while still allowing users to register in Cognition with personalized security information. This feed can be customized so that Cognition contains all of the data that you need to successfully deploy learning in your organization.

Professional Development Tracking

Store, track, and report on any external training, education and professional certifications and accreditations your employees have acquired outside of Cognition.


Multiple Progress Tracking

Expands on Progress Administration by allowing the system to track employee retraining and offers additional reporting options for managing training.

Active Directory Integration

Eliminate the traditional login process by integrating Cognition with your Active Directory, thus allowing for single sign-on.

Self Study/On the Job Modules

Use Cognition to track standardized training objectives that are defined in the system, but measured by Instructors or other designated trainers who work with the Student.

Student Email Notification System

Send email directly through Cognition to notify employees of various tasks or actionable items. Emails can be manually triggered to remind Students of ILT Session specifics, or they can be sent automatically, according to a predetermined schedule. Such emails include:

  • Overdue Modules
  • Schedule change notifications
  • Registration notifications
  • Instructor messages
  • Assignment changes, due to changes in Position

Help Desk (Role)

Allows Help Desk employees to support your company through password look-up and other tasks.

Track 3rd Party AICC Courseware

Launch and track any in-house or 3rd party courseware that is compliant with Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) standards.

Track 3rd Party SCORM Courseware

Launch and track any in-house or 3rd party courseware that is compliant with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards.


Progress Administration

Manually manage your individual employees' Development Plans by:

  • Assigning Modules outside of a prescribed Curriculum, which encourages crossfunctional training and helps prepare Students for advancement in your company
  • Granting progress for Module completion
  • Assigning a retake of a Module for re-training or re-occurring requirements (with Multiple Progress tracking)
  • Exempting Students from required training, based on performance measures defined by your company.

Group Progress Administration

Manually manage a group of employees' Development Plans in the same way you manage an individual Student's training through Progress Administration. This tool makes managing large groups of users efficient, thereby providing for the on-demand nature of enterprise learning needs.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

The ILT component of Cognition is an excellent tool for scheduling and tracking events such as classes, seminars, and meetings. Each event is referred to as a Session, and offers several management features including:

  • Instructor scheduling
  • Room & Location scheduling
  • Roster management & Waitlisting
  • Attendance management

Rehire Management

Automatically archive a rehired employee's previously-logged progress upon rehire. This leverages Progress Administration to selectively restore historical progress, ensuring that the rehired employees receives all relevant training.


Extended Learning Properties

Add specific properties to any Module, such as objectives or competencies, to support further training, reporting, and analysis of your company.

For example, Cognition allows you to associate Business Objectives and Corporate Competencies to content so you can determine which learning is supporting your business' needs, as well as highlight areas where training content needs to be expanded. Additionally track your training and facilitation costs with the Cost Tracking feature.