Base System

Cognition comes standard with the following features

Development Plan

For each employee, a specific Development Plan is automatically assigned, based on critieria such as job code, location, and other user demographics defined by your company.

Development PhotoThis flexibility is managed through a unique Position - Curriculum hierarchy whereby users are grouped into Positions and content is grouped into Curriculums. Several levels of grouping are employed so that the resulting assignments can be automatically communicated to your end users, or Students.

Students access learning content through their customized home page called "My Development Plan" which is a prioritized task list of all of their training events. My Development Plan's action oriented User Interface (UI) drives users toward completion for each training event. The UI is built to be intuitive, so that Students can focus on the learning.

Administrators have full control over how My Development Plan shows up for each user so that users get the training they need when they need it. Each training event consists of distinct tasks, called Modules.

eLearning Content Launching

Set up and launch any in-house, or 3rd party made eLearning course easily from within Cognition.


eLearning Modules (RS Tracked)

Set up and track all eLearning created by Reflection Software with Cognition.


Cognition includes several standard reports and offers a number of custom reporting options. Learn more…

Video Player

Allows existing training videos, corporate communications and other video resources to be assigned and tracked through Cognition. Each video module can be organized into a DVD like chapter structure. Cognition tracks every video module to enable bookmarking and ensure content completion. Cognition supports industry standard h.264 Quicktime movies as well as FLV format (Adobe Flash Video).

Site Administration

The full Site Administration features allow for additional security administration, as well as basic cosmetic customizations, throughout the site.


Cognition employs a 3-tiered content grouping system to allow for maximum flexibility and content re-use. The smallest piece of trackable content is a Learning Module. Learning Modules can be grouped together into Courses and Courses can be grouped together into Curriculums. An unlimited number of assignment possibiliities are possible by intermixing Courses and Curriculum.

Position Grouping

Employees receive all necessary training, based on job criteria and other user properties.

Role/Security Administration

Several User Roles are offered, which can be used to control access to features and users within Cognition. This security administration enables Cognition to be molded to mimic your company's internal structure and processes.


Extended User Properties

Extend base user properties to include as many custom attributes as you need. These properties can be used as a base for assignment, as well as report filtering.